Paver Installation


Paver Surface Install:  At Natural Escapes we install pavers to last.

Most landscapers save time and money on the depth of your base and the amount of lifts within the base.  Many installers will excavate a 10” hole and dump 8” of base fill in at once, then tamp the surface of that base with  aplate tamper unsuitable for that amount of depth.  This will almost guarantee sinkage at a later date and usually after their warranty period is over.

Natural Escapes believes in doing a job only way….the Right Way – To Last!   We have strong morals and believe that our customers needed to be treated fairly and have excellent long lasting quality.

We excavate to a depth of approximately 1 foot for walkway and patio installs.  The next 2 steps are where we differ from many landscape installers that are about speed, not quality.

Step #1 – We tamp the base of the excavation first.   Then we install lifts of a maximum of 1.5” of crusher run or limestone screenings depending on what is required.  Each 1.5” of base material is then raked out and soaked with water prior to tamping with a plate tamper for extensive periods of time as well as a hand tamping for the extreme edges of the dig.  Then we begin with the next 1.5” lift and duplicate this procedure over and over again until we have reached our desired elevation.  This is very time consuming and many would consider it overkill, but we can feel certain that your “base” is rock hard and fully compacted.

Step #2 – We use an age old system of pipe leveling.  This is a very time consuming method of ensuring that your final leveling is as precise and as smooth as the carpet laid in your house.  Long steel pipes are laid in the upper 2” of the base material and connected to each other.  The pipes are then leveled with the use of a builders level or laser and are within 1/16” of perfect.  We incorporate water run off at a rate of 1” per 10’ and then all fill is screeded with a straight edge board.  The finished result is perfection.

Pavers are then laid in place, cuts are made using diamond blade concrete or table water saws and then sand is swept into the joints for stabilization.  Polymeric sands are available for those jobs that are not to be sealed for the first year or more.

Our base procedures take us 250% longer than the average paver contractor but in the end, your job is perfect and we all have peace of mind.

Retaining walls:

We start with the same base installation technique and pipe leveling that we do with our paver installs.  It is time consuming and tedious but it makes for perfectly level walls.  If the walls are actually retaining soil then we will install proper drainage behind the wall using filter cloth, clear gravel and pipe drains so that your wall will last and perform per specifications.